Forced Vapor Air Conditioner

Forced Vacuum Air Conditioner

Instead of using a compressor to drive the airconditioner, what if we can build an airconditioner with a stepper motor and a vacuum cylinder? FVAC is a patent pending machine that you can use for the hot summer. It uses water as the medium to exchange heat. It is environmentally friendly. It will cost you much less to run than a conventional AC.

The experiment

A FVAC will use water instead of coolant as the medium to create low temperature source. The theory is well explain in the YouTube video.  This FVAC invention has been refined further to make the system compact enought to be placed in a small bedroom.

In order to lower the cost of electricity, A FVAC will use a stepper motor to actuate a rack gear, which is connected with the pistons of the cylinders.

When one cylinder creates vacuum, the water in the tank will be "boiling". The steam will be sucked into the cylinder. The other cylinder will become a compressor which pushes out low presure steam into high temperature steam. In the heat exchange, low temperature air will exchange heat with the hot steam which make its temerature high. Steam will be condensed into water which will be sent back to the water tank. 

The water in the tank will become freezing cold. The tank is made of aluminium material. The air in the room will exchange heat with the tank so the room temperature becomes cooler.

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