Project: Message Over Blockchain

What is Message Over Blockchain?

Message Over Blockchain (MOB) has an unique method to send messages through the transactions of all the cryptocurrencies and the tokens. Anyone with experience of cryptocurrency transactions knows that all the transactions are accurate to the decimal points with certain mantissa positions allowed by the blockchain network.

Instead of using smart contracts that are only executed by a particular blockchain system, MOB overcomes the limitation because the messages are encoded by normal transactions. MOB can be sent in any length. The MOB contents are programmable by Dapp. There are many functions MOB can perform. With these features, MOB is the language that decentrlised network can build applications for its communities.

How does MOB transmit messages?

MOB breaks down any message into basic information as the “keys”, which can be letters, the basic written symbols or graphemes symbols, digits, punctuations, special characters including science and art.

To encode these keys, MOB will use centestimal, or base 100 (B100) to represent all the keys. Because of the limitation of B100, the MOB system will break down the encoding into primary group and secondary group. When all the keys are laid down in an interface, they are similar to a physical keyboard used by a computer or other information input interface.

Public and private messages in MOB:

MOB users can send open or unencrypted messages. Open or public information will use the “standard” keyboard to code the message. When the message is encrypted, it will use a scrambled keyboard to code the messages.

To understand how a scrambled keyboard works, we can refer the method to a Cipher Wheel which is used for encryption. The scrambled keyboard will use the randomly generated centesimal sequence instead. Only with the correct random digits can decode the messages. As the number of keyboards are very large, it would be very hard to decode a message when senders don't use the standard keyboard.

MOB versus normal message platforms

As a decentralised message service, MOB is not controlled by a service provider. Being a public blockchain means censorship of MOB user is very difficult.

When the Keyboard and Cipher Wheel is a personal secret, it is impossible for any hacker to decode a private message. The MOB users can change wallets frequently so that no single wallet security breach will endanger all the private information. If the messages are sent in a blockchain with great fidelity, the information is not possible to sensor or delete unless someone shut it down.
Anti spam
Decentralised network
Faster adaptation of new technologies
A paralleled World Wide Web

The MOB demo website

A MOB demostration website has been set up. People can register with the website with their email. Currently the demo site can send public or private messages. Future development will make it easy for the public to use their private wallets to send messages to their contacts.

Blue Energy Science Technology plans to work on a more ambitious task with MOB. It is to set up the Lunar mining crowdsale function. This crowdsale allows space travel enthusiasts to pre purchase moon rocks at fixed price. Fund raised in the crowdsale will be invest in bootstrapped VTOL spacecraft equipped with the engines inventions. This Lunar rocks mining project will demostrate how space travel can be done at much cost effective way.

Future users can expect MOB functions in the NEED roll out eventually.

MOB for the NEED

One way to generate investment in the NEED is to tokenize asset, commodities and energy which can be claimed or be traded by the NEED members.

The Tokens issued by BEST

In 2017, Blue Energy Australia (former business name of Blue Energy Science Technology) issued 7 ERC20 tokens for its ICO campaign. Unfortunately the ICO was unsuccessful. ERC20 tokens are not an ideal tokens for information delivery. With MOB concept, it is possible to run energy infrastructure and investment with tokenised protocol. MOB network is the trustless replacement of the ERC20 tokens for functions such as:

  1. DeFi alike energy network which removes the centralised governance of the energy grid operators. The tokens can represent a particular asset, or energy etc., which can be claimed, own and consumed. Trading can be done in between energy grid members from small to large. 
  2. Record keeping without the fear of manipulation, insider trading and price gouging.
  3. Encouraging P2P trading which allows the investment or financial benefit of energy consumers for their own preference.
  4. Faster way to access renewable energy with open and transparent registry.

The messenger for the NEED

ERC20 is an old Ethereum token standard. However it is not necessary to abandond the tokens.

7 ERC20 tokens were issued in 2017. They are:
  1. Entropy: An ERC20 tokens for generating renewable energy investment.
  2. Six Enthalpy tokens: The Free ERC20 when Entropy tokens are bought from Blue Energy Science Technology. The Six Enthalpy ERC20 tokens are: Nickel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Urainium and Dark Matter 
When a particular renewable project, or an energy hub is proposed by BEST or the NEED members, a consortium will invite token holders to stake the project. A project requires fiat portion and Enthalpy to split the benefit when the project is operational. Different Enthalpy has access power similar to different class of vote to take asset and/or energy in the project.

MOB is like a message carrier which can take advantage of the best blockchain network to interact with ERC20 tokens which are staked in NEED projects.

Project stake holders can increase, sell or exit the project with the help of MOB.

The MOB demo website

A demonstration website for MOB has been set up for public evaluation. People has to registered with the website in order to run the test. Current website is built on the ICON main net. The registered users can send public messages or private messages. The messages are from one wallet to another one. In the future, this will be done in ICON wallets of users' choice. If the users want to send and receive messages with their own wallets now, they can still do so with the coding and decoding page. But that must be done manually at the moment. Here is the demonstration MOB website.
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