Project: Mars Colonies

Colonisation of Marsis funandeasyBlue Energy

by the year
residents on Mars
visitors a year

For what the people belive

Reheat the Mars core like the core of the Earth

From a distance outside the solar system, hundreds of controlled torpedoes travelling near the speed of the light shot onto the poles of Mars. The impact blasts a deep tunnel into the Martian core, which completely melt the core and creates the geomagnetic field around the Mars.

Flood planet Mars with comets around the solar system

by the year of
billion m3 of water
comets from the solar system

Living on Mars permanently means sleeping differently

In order to avoid long term health damage to residents in the Mars colonies, they have to sleep in a spaceship a few times in a week. These spaceships fly around the Mars with hyperorbital speed which gives you the artificial Earth-like gravity.

Many of you know that astronauts in the space orbit will be weightless when the spaceship goes around the Earth at orbital speed. When the speed is higher, the orbit will change until the earth gravity can no longer hold the spaceship in orbit.

With BEBE, the spaceship can go much quicker than the orbital speed and still travel around the orbit. This is the hyperorbital motion. It causes the centrigugal force points outside the orbit instead of at the centre. When this happens, people inside the ship will walk upside down. If they sleep, they need to turn the ship topside down. The faster the ship goes around the orbit, the stronger artificial gravity it creates. For those living on Mars permenantly, in order to gain some Earth-like gravity on Mars, they will have to sleep in the hyperorbital spaceshipa a few time in a week.

For causal visitors, low gravity environment might not be a problem. However, the planet Mars is not a place to accommodate large permenant and casual resident.

Supply of essential goods

Buying goods from Earth and then deliver to the Mars' colonies will be a convenient and low cost solution. Most people on Mars are the tourists who will pay premium for consumption. Mars can never be like Earth, unless over the centuries or millennium of terraforming and evolution, residents or species become the native living things on this red planet.
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