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Countdown To FTL Space Mission

The knowledge and discussion in FTL travel

There are plenty discussions on FTL travel, either fictional or theoretical.

What makes FTL the ultimate challenge?

When an object is acclerated towards the speed of light, special relativity must be taken into account. The most important part is the energy required.
{\displaystyle E_{k}=E-E_{0}=(\gamma -1)m_{0}c^{2}}
This formula shows that the work expended accelerating an object from rest approaches infinity as the velocity approaches the speed of light. Thus it is impossible to accelerate an object across this boundary. (Kinetic energy - Wikipedia)

By pass the infinity energy requirement
Why is the +1g-g important?
What is the advantage of 20g, 30g or higher acceleration rate
How much energy is required to test a mission?

Why BEST wants to do this experiment

You might ask the same question why mountaineers try to conquer the peak of the Mount Everest. When the speed of light is the limit of this universe, break this limit will change our future. It also means our civilisation is at the higher level of what we are now. It is the proof to be energy efficiency.

This is what makes human beings the dominant and intelligent species on Earth.

The possible breakthrough is the warp effect BEBE has. If people are so involved with any advancement of technologies, this will certainly be another milestone we want to pass. The speed of the light is not set in stone as the unbreakable barrier.

We have another reason: the warp effect in BEBE is a MOVING electromagnetic bubbles around each charged propellant molecule. This is exactly what Alcubierre Drive has proposed. Except BEBE will not use exotic matter to create spacetime bubbles. Within this electromagnetic bubbles, the Maxwell factor is not the same to the observors outside the spacecraft. Before the scientists can settle the argument, as the one who throw the cat amount the pigeons, Blue Energy will be the one to settle the dust.

To be honest, we are fed up with the hype in electrical cars and battery energy storage. The billionaires who have mountains of cash to make rocket "better" are not funny. When the idiots become the entrepreneurs, they waste investors' money and hire the best engineers to work on something that is hopeless. Quite often the entrepreneurs will be the commanders of these elite engineers and scientists because they have the money. And the attention of their temporary success will make the world follow them. The path they go could be a dead end road.

What is the BEST plan to run this experiment

Set the G as high as possible.

This mission is the opportunity to test our gut feeling, which is the speed of the light might be crushed with BEBE and BETE. Without enough input from the scientists who knows better in science, but not necessarily in engineering solutions, we have to do what we can do. Let the experiment yeild the answer.

In this experiment, from the design phase, we will set the acceleration rate to the 100g target due to following reasons:

  • High G will take less distance to get to the C. At 1 g, the space probe needs 347 days to break the C. At 100 g it will cut that down to 3.5 days
  • The energy required might be less at high G. If the spaceprobe is due to the ongoing elastic collisions by the propellant molecules, and the warp effect is the result of energy onboard to sustain such effect, the shorter journey means less energy required.
  • We all want to know if the SOL can be broken or not. Why wait?
  • Shorter journey period might reduce mechanical or other parts from malfunctions.

The challenge is that the mechanical structure of the ship must be able to endure the high stress during the high G acceleration.

The spacecraft design

The probe structure:

Everything onboard the probe must be rigid and strong to stand the high G force during the experiment. We need contribution from engineers around the world to build something we have never built before. 


The energy unit will be at least nuclear reactor. However hydrogen fusion unit could have a solution based on existing BEBE design. If such fusion machine is successful, the world can access energy that is plenty and clean.

BETE is the one to handle heat energy. BEBE will take care the acceleration.

The magnetic shield

This is a layer that covers the probe will deflect cosmic rays and high energy charged particles cause damage to the internal electonic and cable.

The communication

To communicate with the spacecraft for such a mission might not be difficult. The greatest distance of the probe from the Earth is about 91.5 billion kilometers. The probe can send a message of "Hello World" when it is at that position. The message will be heard in 3.5 days. With another 3.5 days, the probe will be back to the Earth.

The cost of this FTL travel experimen

1000 bitcoins is the foundation target. At current Bitcoin market value it is about US$66 million, which is just the money we hope to begin the project. Space travel business and the NEED can make contribution to the foundation. Hopefully world leaders, businesses, philanthropists and the general public will make more contribution to the foundation.
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