Project: Flying car

Why we need flying cars?

Population growth adds more demand on living space, goods and services, which can be expensive and time consuming. Such trend has incremental impact on our environment. With BETE and BEBE inventions, the world has great opportunity to change such a trend.

What is the BEST's vision of the real flying cars?

Below are the capabilities which define a future flying car. When some of the capabilities are combined, we will eliminate all the so called "flying cars" that are under development. 

1. VTOL capability.
2. Hypersonic cruise.
3. Orbital transit (weightless)
4. Hyper-orbital transit (artificial gravity in space)
5. Interplanetary transit
6. Interstellar transit
7. Tribrid maneuver (submerge + atmospheric + vacuum)
8. Muted propulsion
9. Visually resemble to a conventional car
10. Zero fatal moving parts externally
11 No emition of gaseous waste into the environment

Current "flying car" technologies

Following information is gathered from the online publication of historical innovations and current products that are developed by business.

Take off/Landing
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Airbus and Audi
detachable drone or electric rolling chassis
Europe, JV
human pilot
P.R. China

Technologies and underlined theories

BETE and BEBE are designed for dedicated tasks in a flying car for the future. BETE is a great machine to handle heat energy when gaseous material is compressed or expands. BEBE has the ability to modulate propellant energy which satisfies the warp engine.

BETE is the engine that can handle the heat energy according to the physics of gas expansion and compression, which are defined as non-linear force. With the leverage system incorporated by BETE, non linear force will be converted into constant force.

BETE alone is not enough to satisfy future flying car challenge. This is due to the very well known Newton Law of momentum conservation. Due to the mass (propellant) being acted on is far smaller than the body (flying car), the energy will be mostly consumed by the propellant instead of on the vehicle. It is especially obviouse that in space where vaccum has no external mass, even though a star radiates plenty of energy, a conventional rocket engine spacecraft can't have long acceleration when fuel is exhausted.

For more information on BETE, please read this article.
BEBE is in fact a warp engine. That is the short answer. But in reality, a lot of engineering solutions are implemented in order to achieve this scaled down warp effect. There is no sci-fi movie like ZOOM to accelerate a spaceship to the SOL. The warp effect is at the molecular level, i.e. the propellant molecules will be subject to g force equal to a million times stronger than the ground level of gravitational force on a neutron star. That is enough to create massive momentum to a vehicle which has much larger mass than the propellant. Adding to this amazing potential, propellant in BEBE will not eject like a rocket engine. It will be trapped by the warp field for an eternal period until the energy to sustain the warp field is exhausted. This is something Blue Energy Science Technology has to run the laboratory test to find out.

For more information on BETE, please read this article.

How will our world evolve?

Huge disruption is expected in the transport infrastructure. It will be the catalyst for social and economy revolution.

  • From the business, passenger transport and cargo delivery
  • From the human society
  • From the military
  • From each nation's point
  • From the future space domain



BETE development

Blue Energy Australia, based in NSW Australia, began this thermal engien development



Patent grant

Received patent in Russian Federation


BEBE research and development

Concept and design began by Blue Energy Science Technology team.



Moon Rock business plan

A business that demonstrates ultra energy efficient flying machine. A crowd funding campaign will fund to build return spacecraft to the moon. After collecting rocks and soil for crowd funding supporters, it will return back to Earth. All mission phases are solar powered.


ICO campaign

Issuing one ERC20 token named Entropy and 6 ERC20 tokens of Enthalpy category.



PCO offer for Moon Rock

Public Coin Offer to crypto community to build a few low cost Lunar Mining Vehicles. LMV will collect moon rocks for PCO supporter with real rocks collected from the Moon's surface.

The Tribrid Sports Car

Hover above the roads as a car, fly in the sky like a plane, cruise in the space better than the satellites, submerged in the water like a dolphin

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